Wednesday, June 23, 2010

...and we're back!

Oh hey, I didn’t see you guys there. Waiting. Wondering if I’ve once again fallen off the end of the planet. Or perhaps drown in my huge tub of self pity and “could you get over yourself PLEASE???” juice. Yup, totally didn’t see you there at all.

OK, I’m sorry! I’m sorry for being gone again, and I’m REALLY sorry that the last post I managed to put up here was the big old “my birthday party wasn’t milestone-a-licious enough! Oh woe is me and the like!” My only defense on that is that it seemed like a good idea at the time. Like free internet porn or clam chowder-flavored salt water taffy. (they both exist. No joke.) I can’t really give a GOOD reason for being gone, at least not the whole time. But the month of May was spent in three very good and noble endeavors:

1. Cleaning up the house for impending visiting from T.E.
2. Freaking out about the visiting from T.E.
3. Beating myself up figuratively (and also one time literally if stubbing your toe three times in one day!) for freaking out about the visiting from T.E.

…see now, with a busy agenda like that who has TIME for blogging?

I could go into all sorts of introspection about these three things, breaking down the need to clean for someone who honestly doesn’t care about the level of clean of the apartment and then also about the freaking out (which we all know was the true reason for the cleaning) and on top of that the beating myself up (which we all know was just a side effect of the freaking out) but since he’s HERE now there’s not much reason for it. I mean really. There was no reason for any of it.

Because he’s been here for three weeks and it’s just AWESOME!

There are, at last count (I’m not counting, but I’m sure somebody is. People just need hobbies is all.), about 16 reasons why this thing between T.E. and I should not work at all. Some of them you know and many you really don’t know (except for those of you who do, but you’re keeping your gob SHUT) but even though they make sense in the world out there they bare no resemblance to our world at all. Where I worried that after 5 days we’d be getting on each other’s nerves we’re at 3 weeks and we’re nothing but gooey. (there’s a whole post coming all about being gooey, and more specifically WHO THE HELL AM I AND WHEN THE HELL DID I BECOME SOMEONE WHO IS GOOEY?????????? Stay tuned…) We love being together; we enjoy stupid, mundane things like making dinner or watching reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And playing goofy Wii games where we’re superheroes made of Lego bricks-

Oh, brief and quick tangent: know how I bemoaned my milestone birthday? Well I sucked for doing that, but even so T.E. totally ROCKED the birthday gift thing. He got me a WII!!!! I’ve been pining for one pretty much since they were first released and he knows me and he totally got me one. Not only that, but he got extra Wii-motes and chuk-thingies, and the whole thing is in STYLISH BLACK. He’s such a class act, my man… And so tangent endeth…

I have many cool things that can be blog posts so I fully intend to be better and write more. The biggest issue will be finding time where I’m willing to pull myself away from the awesome English dude to do the actual writing. But even this I will try – I will TRY – try to do. Hopefully he’ll suck at some point and I’ll be all irked and stomp off and pout while writing to you guys.

…yeah, sorry but that’s just not going to happen.