Monday, August 09, 2010

Say, you look familiar - have we met?

Look, the bottom line is it just kept being a choice between writing to you guys, WHOM I TOTALLY ADORE, DON’T GET ME WRONG!!!!, or doing stuff with T.E. (get your mind out of the gutter you dirty, DIRTY minds! What kind of stuff do you think I’m talking about??? Oh. Oh, then we’re good. Sorry about the “dirty minds” thing – you totally pegged it…) Can you blame me for the choice I made? CAN YOU? But still, now I feel bad about it. Also I had this big fantasy of having all these blog posts while he was here and being able to relive the whole visit in my blog, yadda yadda yadda… Man, did THAT not happen!!!

So here I’m gonna try to do “T.E.’s Summer Visit – the Good Parts Version”. Hold on tight…:

T.E. shows up and it’s instant awesome with magic sprinkles. There’s all sorts of worrying about what this will be like over time, and whether or not we can live around each other and what if, what if, what if… and then we get that there’s nothing to worry about. Because instant awesome. With sprinkles. Of magic!

We geek, and I’m talking UBER-geeking. Games night, followed by another games night, followed by face to face D&D’ing, COMPLETE with high-tech mapping, Oreos and Funions. (sadly there was a distinct lack of Mountain Dew. Not sure who dropped the Dew ball, there.) And yet even Dew-free the geeking fun was geektastic! One of my favorite things about T.E. is our mutual geek appreciation.

Whee! I got a Wii! My fabulous boy arrived right after my birthday gift did, and turns out he’s so stinkin classy he got me a Wii. A BLACK Wii (because everything is more cool in black.) With extra Wii thingies, and stick-on thingies. All in stylish, slimming black. Right now my tv area is so slim looking, like it went on a tv-area diet… We Wii’d with cool Lego games where Batman bursts into bits. But even more we discover the joy of “hey, let’s watch right now with no previous planning at all…” and we went to Netflix through the Wii and Voila! Instant fish! Or even better, Instant tv or movie! Thanks to my slim, black Wii and online Netflix mojo we burned through the 2nd and 3rd season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. INSTANTLY!

We had awesome sex.

Three words: fancy French unitards! Yes, that’s right – we Cirqued! Kazoobalitamosquiso, or whatever the new Cirque show is called, came through town and we cirqued it up good. His first Soleil, my 6th and a big pile of “holy crap!” dusted liberally with “how does she do that???” and garnished with a dash of “body parts don’t do that. They don’t. Make them stop doing that.” However I learned this year that it’s not always a good thing to have friends who also go to the cirque show. There was this amazing moment where the guy on the top of the Wheel of Deathly Bad JoobJoob and Nightmares of Gravity was jumping rope (yes, like a school girl. A super-hot, buffed, French greased UP school girl, thank you very much!!) and he caught his toe and almost took a 2-story face plant. Big gasps! Big squeals! BIG FAKE! Turned out macho man did that same dance with death in every show. Sigh. (it was still cool at the time.)

Happy Birthday USA! Now let’s go and shoot stuff! We spent Independence day down in Hippyville, enjoying not only ‘splosions of celebration, but we also went out with a friend who has an epic gun collection and shot stuff! Wolves and bears and wild hobos! (ok, paper plates. About a dozen paper plates. But they were wild, untamed paper plates, who could have attacked at any time with no warning. And those paper plates will never threaten another person again.) We shot sniper rifles with these scopes that brought everything right in front of you. And then made them dance around, mocking you. “Sure, I SEEM right up close, but can you stop moving around to hit me? CAN YOU?? That’s right, little girl. Go home and cry to your mama.” And then I killed them. Hee hee. There was a shotgun that fully intended to dislocate T.E.’s shoulder from the rest of his shapely, English body, and a machine gun that fully refused to be aimable, and Dirty Harry’s gun. Because yes, we totally felt lucky.

Also games, games, movies, comic books, zoo, mini golf, movies, games, Costco, library, comic books, games. (and awesome sex.)

…and that, in a whirlwind of stuff and things, is the nutshell breakdown of 2 months living with T.E. right here with me. It was so wonderful, every bit of it, and we’re going to do it all over again in about four months, when my English gentleman comes home for the holidays. In a word: Yay.