Friday, October 28, 2011

Battle of the Bulge - Re-Winning

I never once thought that I was going to be able to keep losing weight while T.E. was here -- the stuff I did to lose it was "living single" stuff, like working out all hours of the day and night or eating salad for dinner 4 days out of 7.  These are not the way that you show your love how happy you are to have them home.  No, the way that you say that is with pizza.  And Oreos.  And movies with the BIG tub of popcorn.  Which, my friends, we did.

I tried to just maintain, but even counting calories was tricky and we had a couple of weekends where things were totally uncountable and uncontrollable.  We went to PAX up in Seattle, WA to rock both our geekiness and also our gamer status.  While at PAX our meals came from places that were legally-bound to ask if we wanted fries with that.  I didn't count calories that weekend because I can't actually count that high, people.  Big, ugly calorie numbers for about four days.

In the end I put T.E. on a plane, stepped onto a scale and found I'd gained back 5 nasty little pounds.  Well, T.E. is coming back here to spend the holidays with me in just about 6 weeks.  And in that time I plan to lose the remaining 3 pounds of my gainage, plus hopefully another 5 more.  These 5 extra pounds will be the pounds that I can gain back while he's here, between Christmas parties and holiday cookie trays and awesome, awesome egg nog.  (and can I just say thank god Egg Nog is seasonal -- if I could drink that stuff all year long there would not be enough bike rides and kickboxing classes in the world to keep my ass in regular people pants...)

And then once he flies back across the pond I'll have over 6 months to lose even more!  My overall goal, now that I've hit the original number (FINALLY!!!), is to get down to a size that I can enjoy most of the year, but from which I can gain some during the summer and holidays and still like my butt.  It's actually a pretty good butt!  And we're finally enjoying each other's company again, so...  Wish me luck, my people.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hey, Isn't That Hell Up Ahead?

…yeah, so… anyway… what were we talking about?

OK, I’m sorry.  I’m super-flakey.  I think there’s some sort of corollary between being in love and being on top of stuff – the more you’re one, the less you’re the other.  (I have no science to back this up, but it sounds compelling, right?  Also if it has the air of science behind it then it’s totally not my fault.  It’s just science.  Science, people.  You can’t fight science.) 

I’m gonna try to be better, at least for the next several weeks until T.E. comes back for the holidays.  Am I making you any promises?  No.  I.  Am.  Not.  But there is the promise of trying.  Who doesn’t like trying?  Nobody.  Nobody doesn’t like trying, so that’s my plan here:  loads and loads of quality, grade A trying.   WITH a side order of really good intentions.  So good one might consider paving a road to a very fancy place with these intentions.

And now for the obligatory “what the heck happened in the last few months?” filler:  T.E. was here for a couple of months and it was awesome.  It continues to be awesome.  Stupid-awesome, with a capital STOOOOOO.  He’s coming back in mid-December for holiday-themed awesome, and for once I’m actually coming up with really good gift ideas!  Because really who doesn’t love Batman-themed footy pajamas and spam-flavored bubble gum?  Boo-yah…

I’m still working my job and loving it.  It’s all the goods kinds of challenges yet without feeling completely impossible and doomed to failure.  I can see all sorts of paths to a very solid career future and I even got a swanky raise!  And I continue, even in rain and cold and “oh hell, is that frost on the handlebars?” weather I still keep biking my way to the office.

The biking is helping me to get back down to my pre-T.E.-visit size, but I’m proud to report that I only gained 5 lbs while he was here.  My goal is to get rid of those pounds plus five more of their friends by the time T.E. returns, and so FAR it’s going well.  But I’m well aware of that huge, looming calorie monster in the future:  Thanksgiving.  (shudder)

All in all things are rolling right along and I’ll be sure to take you guys along for the ride.  At least a lot of the time.  Well, I mean when I get some time, and think of it.  If I don’t forget.  Or I’m not sleepy – I do get sleepy.  You know how hard it is to read when you’re sleepy?  Seriously hard!  But on the more wakey nights and stuff…