Saturday, June 09, 2007

Cast of Characters

Who the heck are the other people/places and possibly (eventually) things in this blog? I will update this list as promptly as I can throughout the life of this blog. Here ya go!:
  • The Englishman (or T.E. for short) - my steady guy, my special friend, the first person I've been able to fall in love with in over 13 years.  He's younger than me.  No, seriously, much younger.  Younger than that.  Even younger.  Are you getting nervous?  Then you're just about right.  But despite our age difference and the fact that he lives in the UK (oh yeah, did I mention that?  He does.  8 hour time difference.  Awesome) we're completely in love and making the best of it every single day.
  • The 'Rents - my parents, who always happen to rock. No, seriously. They rock more then parents are supposed to, which has been a little funny growing up, but I've since learned to accept that my parents are too cool and will always be strangely thus. It's the cross I must bear...
  • The Queen - best chum and mother to Princess Stinkbutt, who serves as both excellent sounding board and also example of how to do this life thing pretty darn well.
  • The King - married to The Queen, another best chum and father to Princess Stinkbutt (anybody else feel a little uncomfortable that at this writing I've apparently never waxed poetic about my love for The King? Awkward...)
  • Princess Stinkbutt - heir to the best chum throne and cute as, say, a button or possibly a teeny, tiny mouse who squeaks and drives a wind-up car or boat. Just that cute.
  • (together they are The Royal Family)
  • Risky - yet another best chum, plus also sister to The King and aunt to the Princess. She insists on being good at an absurd number of things. I believe next on her list of things to be good at is either flying or making gold from cheese.
  • Lulu - my sweet girl kitty, all calicoish and SO bossy! She's like me in that way.
  • Mr. Man - my boy kitty, coming into his kitty manhood and a BIG fan of sleeping. He's like me in that way.
  • Hippyville - The funky little town where I live.
  • Beautiful Dreamer - a co-worker/friend who is also online dating, but to much more success. If you define success as meeting far more men, and therefore going on very crazy-seeming dates. Which I'm thinking is how most people would define it.
  • WWIT-Dude - The one serious relationship I can claim to have had. It was generally crappy and he was generally flawed in some very human ways, but this is where any and all relationship lessons I've learned came from.
  • - the first relationship website I tried. It's the kind where you create a "profile" which knows your inner you and therefore knows who/what you need in a partner and promises to find you that partner. They lied.
  • - the second relationship website I've tried. It's more of a dating site, where you make a much simpler profile and then you wander through the aisles of possible mates and pick out ones you like. And they then ignore you. While you ignore the ones who like you, but which you're not interested in. I'm expecting Mr. Right any second now.

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