Friday, March 30, 2007

Wait, you mean I have to KEEP working on this?

Warning: probably off-mission?

So I'm reading one of the other blogs that I read (because I read somewhere a good way to get folks to read your blogs is to read and comment on their blogs and so I read other blogs in the hope that they'll blog about something on which I can comment, thereby dazzling them with my razor wit and luring them here. And if you're someone I've lured, WELCOME! Now, where was I? Oh yeah, reading one of the other blogs that I read...) and it was asking all of these questions about what folks like in a blog. Most of them washed over me like a light rain that I don't have an opinion on.

But she asked if folks like "About Me" sections, and even more specifically if they like "100 things lists." And me, I did what only made sense to do in response. I went "whatever..." and ignored the idea, until I foolishly took a peek at the replies that she got and everyone was all "I love About Me!!" and "I even MORE Love the list thingie that we all know about and that only total goobers would be unfamiliar with!!!"

Well crap.

When I set this thing up the focus was two-fold:

1) Will this even FLY?
2) How to do this when I'm being super-secret?

But over the last (doing the math in my head, talk amongst yourselves...) Holy Crap, 6 months? Over the last 6 months things have evolved to the point that I THINK I could come up with a list of 100 or so things about me that won't cross the "secrety goodness" line. But that's where you guys come into play. Is there anything that folks specifically want to know about the force of foolish nature that is Femtastic?

I mean obviously I'm not telling who, where or what I am. (what I am? what the hell would that mean I wonder?) But things like "favorite ice cream flavor?" (Peppermint Stick is SEASONAL???) or "best place you ever danced drunk?" (don't know what the place was called anymore, but had the best Jaegermeister smoothies and the coolest bathroom floor I'd ever felt!) I'll work on this over the weekend, so send me your preferences, questions, curiosities, etc., and I'll add them to the list whenever possible. Thanks folks!


Emily Snipes said...

I stumbled over....I too read Miss Zoot. I just got into this blog thing and don't have a 100 List yet. I do enjoy reading them. So I guess I need to do one. I'm sure you could come up with 100.

Courtney said...

I would like to at least know what part of the country you are in...Pacific northwest, Midwest? I think you could do that without incriminating yourself.

queen said...

I challenge you to come up with something on the list that I DON'T know about you!