Thursday, November 02, 2006

Who needs REAL wove? I've got TV!

Yes, as my very good friends at surf through their millions and millions, and millions of matches slowly, methodically, probably through a method of 3x5 cards and post it flags, I am spending time with the best match maker of all: television.

Oh sure, movies are good. And magazines have their place. And don't even get me started on comic books! But really, if you want to make a meaningful connection with a handsome, sensitive, funny, cool guy you need go no further then that happy little box in the corner (or if you're in my house, box in every single room of the house!) There you can find men worthy of your love and with a dedication that few others can match. You can count on them! They'll be there every week, the same time, the same place... How many real men can you say that about? (oh shut up, show offs!)

Who do I look forward to tristing with each week? Here are but a few:

Jon Stewart: funny and handsome, and toss in a healthy dose of smart. Woo hoo! I've loved this guy since he was a totally unknown comic doing little clips on Comedy Central some 15+ years ago, so I was super-excited when he got his own show! I tune in 4 nights a week and through him I can do the impossible: enjoy any kind of news!

Luke Danes: For any of you who like fast, pithy dialogue and jokes about dogs named after vintage pop singers I say "see you Tuesday!" Here you'll find my gruff, rugged, loaner of a diner owner Luke Danes. Sure, in the last season he went slowly buggy and I feel as though I haven't seen him for months, but I can sometimes find reruns and it's like he never left. Oh I've got your fries, buddy, right here! (I was going for kinky, but that was mostly just creepy.)

Desmond the crazy Scottish guy on Lost: Is it the accent? The nudity? The scruffy facial hair that never gets longer or goes away? Yes it is. I know many folks ask the question "who is hotter: Sawyer or Jack?" but for me it's all about the loon who was talked into pushing that damn button for years while still maintaining his love for 60's pop hits. And the accent, brotha!

Robert Scorpio: Oh come on! He's a spy, an Australian AND he came back from the dead! Who could possibly say no to the greatest character that daytime TV ever knew? Now, I tried to watch GH when I first found out that the former WSB agent was being brought back from the great beyond, and here's the deal: the writing suuuuuuucked. Even worse, they kept insisting that he actually read what the writers had written. What are they thinking? But I see this return to GH as a loophole that will allow me to add him to this list, even if I'm not enjoying his current life. (I find what works is to close my eyes and imagine that it's old, wacky Robert. Same awesome accent, right?)

*Honorary Mention*
Ze Frank: I know what many of you are saying: "Hey, he's not on the TV." to which I wait for one of those fabulous dramatic pauses and then reply: "YET." But you mark my words: some day (and I think it may be soon) the rest of the media world will finally discover this guy and put his star on the BIG map. For now I get to really relish our tight, warm and personal bond. Every afternoon. (back off ladies -- he's mine!)

OK, I'll keep you posted if something actually happens with In the meantime, I'll be hanging with my guys. Dreamy!

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BK said...

Oooh, good list!

Here's mine off the top of my head:

1. McDreamy. But not because of the hair! It's the look he get's in his eye when emoting etc, very sweet. Well and he's a doc and all...

2. Jack on Lost. sorry I am one of those people! And hey he kind of looks like my husband, only a hunkier version. Love ya honey! ;)

3. The guy on Standoff. he's a cutie!

Ok I'm sure there are more, but that's all I can come up with on the fly.