Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Catching-up Will Now Commence!

As I said before, I have many posts that I'd like to have posted at the time.  I could just say "ah well, these are things that just didn't get blogged about.  C'est la vie." and move on all French-like with my life.  But really, does that sound at all like me?  No, it does not.

Instead I'm going to try to recreate some of those vintage posts and post them with dates for about when they would have been posted if I'd have been something other than sad.  Or broken.  Or possibly drunk.  Or very likely all three.  I'm sure they would have been tons better if they'd been posted at the time, or at least fresher.  These will be a little stale.  But at least they're here to snack upon.

You're welcome.

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