Friday, November 30, 2007

Thanksgiving's impact on the laws of physics and me

Hey everybody! Did everyone enjoy their traditional, completely normal and expected, par-for-the-course and not at all questionable or extravagant Thanksgiving week holiday, which would (of course) run from Thanksgiving Thursday all the way until the following Thursday and therefore exempt you from any kind of working or responsibilities… or blogging… or whatever…

Me too!

Sorry I’ve been AWOL – just way too much happening and apparently way too much need to crash the second I get anywhere close to a couch. Not even my couch – just couches in general. Somewhere around Thanksgiving the gravitational pull of all couch-bodies increased by at least twofold. So it’s not my fault.

I will say that Thanksgiving was excellent, which is always a good thing. I love that holiday, but slightly less so since I became some form of grown-up and was expected to actually contribute food. (please see previous mentions of me being a crappy and super-unenthusiastic, and possibly even bitter and resentful, cook) still, thanks to my friends at Costco, and their "so simple even a blind monkey with one hand and super-serious fits of spasms can't screw it up!" cooked hams, I was able to do my grown-uply duty and bring both a major course (the ham) and a dessert course (brownies, baby!!) and thereby enjoy the foods of my foody-family with no guilt.

In other words, Yay Thanksgiving!!

But I think I’m back to functioning again, so watch this space for more words and such!

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