Thursday, January 10, 2008

For my fellow Santa Snobs

OK, so I got some cool websites in response to my post about how superior and awesome my parents were when I was kid, which now I realize probably should have been called either "the ways in which my parents were superior to everyone else" or "just one more reason I should be whacked a whole bunch more often then I currently am." I've been remiss in passing them along. I shall be remiss no more:

Land of Nod: (thanks Nicole!)

I love this store for the cool name alone! Of course it's not someplace for folks who are where my parents were financially when I was a wee winky, but if you have a little silver to rub together you should rub it around these people. (or something like that)

Sassafrass Enterprises: (thanks again Nicole!)

Specifically for the cookery-types among you, and even more specifically for those cookery-types who have had wee cookery-kids. Who knows, if I'd had some of this stuff as a kid maybe the idea of making cereal wouldn't give me the cold sweats?

Etsy: (thanks always, Risky!)

I've probably already mentioned this site, because it's awesome and because a chum and fellow-blogger has stuff there. But though I think it gets most of it's publicity about jewelry and art-stuff, this website also has cool toys. Toys that a Santa could make!

Uncommon Goods: (thanks to several people!)

I actually got introduced to this website last year and kind of forgot about it. (so lame!) So I was really thrilled to have it returned to my radar!! I have received excellent things from this very website as gifts for 2 years running, and invariably they're some of my favorite things.

I can't help -- must gush. Check out these cool things that people loved me enough to gift!:
SZECHUAN SCARF KNIT KITS -- I knitted this, despite the best efforts of my new
kitties (a last year gift) to stop me. And now I wear it and love it and ha, ha, ha, I MADE it!
CAT TAO GLASSES SET -- Things that someone knew about me when purchasing this gift = I love cats, I love LARGE glasses (I spit at you, silly little juice glasses), I
am not at all Zen and I love cats.

HEMA: (thanks Julie)

OK, so I can't tout the products or the mission or anything. But go there. And wait. And trust me...

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