Wednesday, March 05, 2008


OK, so as still a fledgling blogger (too many g’s in that combination of words – sorry about that) you’re always looking for signs that you’re succeeding; that what your doing is something you should keep doing; that you’re not just flapping wasted wings like a sad, sad penguin. I have spent my time as a stats whore, checking every hour to see “did anybody look in the last 60 minutes? How ‘bout now? How ‘bout now?” I’ve done triumphant victory dances when a comment comes from someone I don’t know. Only to be crushed when I realize that it’s some comments robot responding to some combination of words in my post. Only to be back to dancing when I realize “hey, my blog is worthy of spam comments! The robots know about me! Whee!!”

At this point, in an attempt to seem all cool and aloof and Fonzie-esque, I’ve been only checking the stats every couple of weeks, and I never really GET comments anymore so the dancing has gone way down. (which is actually good, because we all know that Fonzie don’t dance. Eeeeey!) But recently my gmail has become my new-found source of validation!

First I got an email from some industrious woman who has written a book! A novel! An author is she! And she wrote me because her book is “fresh, fun, quirky and hilarious”, and also about a lady looking for love (Like me!) who is desperate to get her ex back (Hmmm, less like me) and decides to learn how to be a fake psychic, in order to give the new girlfriend psychic readings to wreck their relationship! (...aaaaaawkwaaaaard... ) Actually, it could be excellent, and besides I say kudos to her for sitting down and actually writing a danged book. I’m totally going to do that any day now myself, just as soon as that huge tub of Red Vines is gone and I run out of 100% passive hobbies in which to indulge. ANY day now…

But here’s the thing: Ms. Authorette thought I was noteworthy enough to send me this email spam! It included phrases like “…a book I know your readers will be interested in…” which, by association, meant she thinks that my blog might attract readers, AND that my readers might like to also read books, which would make them all edumacated and smart-like! (that’s you guys!! Wave at the nice author-lady! Show her how smart you are!!) She offered to send me a review copy of the book! My blog could now get me free stuff! What says “successful” more than free stuff? NOTHING! She offered to be a guest-blogger, which I won’t be taking her up on, but still, cool that she thought that might even be worth doing! That blogging even momentarily on my space might be a way for her to promote a book. A real, bound, published by a publisher book!

You can clearly tell by my excessive use of exclamation points that this whole thing is thrilling beyond,… well, beyond thrills. But wait. There’s more.

Later, after the cool author email, I got another email from another person that I didn’t even know! At all! She said things like “Oh, you made me laugh!” and even that I brought TEARS! To her EYES! From the LAUGHTER! (At least I’m pretty sure it was from laughter. Hold on, I’d better check… Yes! Laughter tears! Back to the rejoicing!)

Needless to say I’m working on my E-Shrine to the email lady – we’ll call her Email Lady – that will go somewhere over there on the left. And I’m checking my Gmail alla time alla time. Because someone out there liked me! They really liked me! Suck on that, Sally Field!

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Digi AKA The Queen said...

Woo-hoo! That's worthy of a comment, even if it is from someone you know!
Glad the word of your fabulousness is getting out there!