Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Irony, thy name is the Internet

Remember a few months ago when I said that I was dropping the online matchmaking thing because there was no way I was going to meet someone online worth a damn? And that I was just wasting time and money and who cares anyway, nobody loves me, blah, blah, blah…

Am I right, then to find it pretty danged ironic that I’m currently flirting with some dude online?

Now before any of you who might be prone to getting excited about something get excited about this I will tell you that it’s nothing big, I know practically nothing about this guy, he lives on a whole other continent and I’m sure it’s not going to lead anywhere except more entertaining emails and chatting. So chill.


(You there – you’re not chilling. I can see you’re already doodling “Femtastic + Online Dude = Love 4Ever!” on your awesome 80’s peachy folder. Drop the glitter pen and step away from the peachy.)

However, it has been a lot of fun (and a boost to my ego and my morale) to have interesting interactions with someone of the not-girl persuasion. Mostly we’ve been debating (but with a healthy dose of other assorted chit-chat) about stories we’re reading on a random website. I know only the following: he’s extremely intelligent, well-read, funny and lives in England. (Yes, England the country. As in “Mind The Gap”, Doctor Who, home of the Beatles and Fish and Chips w/ the head still on it. Shudder…) Oh, and he stays up even later than I do – recently we were chatting online and I suddenly realized it was almost 3am his time! (I would have made the realization earlier, but you know me and math, and how we super-duper hate each other.)

Now, you know me. And you know how I’m always thinking. Especially when the last thing I should be doing is thinking. So I’ve determined all of the ways I could totally ruin this:
  • Make it more than it is.
  • Think too much about the things I don’t know (age, job, looks)
  • Over-think it
  • Invest too much time or energy into it
That last one is probably my biggest concern. Due to the time difference between here and a completely different danged continent (8 hours, people! Like right now, as I post this, he's probably somewhere getting a warm beer in a pub or buying boxer shorts with the union jack on them!) we’ve chatted during work a time or two and frankly that’s just stupidity on my part. I eventually told him that we need to cut that out and he was cool with my drawing such a line. But I’ll admit that it’s been quite a distraction! Basically it’s much more entertaining “talking” to him than doing my job, so how is my poor little job to compete? (answer: by paying me the money that allows me the internet connection at home so I can chat NOT at my work! And add to that the bonus answer: Big Dummy!) As of right now I’m being both smart and good, which is very not me. I normally dive right into the “stupid and bad” end of the pool. Doing the smart/good way feels weird – kind of like wearing your shoes on the wrong feet. Or on my hands. Can you wear shoes on your face? Because it’s weird like shoes on my face.

It’s because I don't want to over-think this that I’m only just now even sharing it with you guys, my anonymous fan club. This isn’t love about to bud or anything, but it IS fun and flattering and that’s more than enough for me. (It’s a LOT of fun, by the way – smart guys are awesome.) It also provides the important "flirting practice time" which I need as well. Soon I will be the best flirterer ever!

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