Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New... Everything?

Hi ho! So I know, I’ve been a VERY bad blogger these last few months. It’s not you guys – it’s me! Ever since moving up to the Big City my life has consisted of pretty much three things: Work, T.E. and maintaining as much of my life back in Hippyville as I can from far away. All of these things are good and important and valuable. And they’re all full-time jobs. So there are a lot of things that I love to do that I struggle to find time for. I miss my camera; miss going out and finding amazing things to capture and show to folks, especially you guys. I miss free time, even for things as silly as watching uber-dorky television stuff or to read my beloved graphic novels. And I miss writing. I miss all kinds of writing, starting with writing here.

In about 7 hours we’re starting a brand new year – apparently we’re calling this one “2011”. (tangent: sometimes I wish we could be more creative with the naming of years, like we are with cars or heavenly bodies or cosmetic colors. Wouldn’t it be cool to say “I was born in the year Chromotoawesome – you?” Or “our wedding anniversary is October 23rd, Rocktubular” Rocktubular would, of course, be a leap year. End tangent.) As I’ve told you guys before, I’m not one for the New Years resolution as it tends to be yet another way to feel like you’ve failed something. However I don’t know how you avoid looking back on the previous year and reflecting. And while you’re reflecting how do you avoid having the odd regret? And if you’ve got that odd regret, how do you avoid making goals to do it different, or even better, in the new year?

I won’t make promises because I’ve read way too many blogs who falter, promise to be better and falter even worse. But I’ll tell you this: I’m calling this year “Undecitastic” and in the year Undecitastic I’m going to try, TRY LIKE CRAZY, to write more. Anybody got any goals to shoot for in THEIR year Undecitastic?


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