Friday, March 25, 2011

Man I Hate Being Right All The Time

T.E. ended things with me yesterday morning. It’s too fresh to give details – not sure if I’ll ever be able to do that. Enough to say he needed the freedom to live the life of the University student and having a relationship, let alone a long-distance one with an unemployed old lady, wasn’t so conducive. And as he so often was about most things, he was right about this too. So he’s gone. And I apologize for the tremendously dramatic following sentence, but honestly it’s the LEAST dramatic way I could find to describe me: I’m shattered. One million pieces is the tip of the iceberg.
Not sure what’s going to happen with this blog, folks. Right now it feels like anything I’d write would be so morose and self-pitying as to require the Smiths or the Cure or another band that starts with “the” to write the soundtrack. And I don’t want to be that blog. So I’m sure it will be quiet for a while. Take care of yourselves.

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loveCONSUMESme said...

My heart goes out to you. I dont want to freak you out by any means, but I know what I felt like when the man I loved left me, and honestly not one person in my life was there for me to talk to. Sometimes i wished that I could even talk to a complete stranger, so this me lol offering you a complete stranger to talk to if you need it. You can email me at Don't let the sun burn out in your life.