Monday, May 19, 2008

Act Five: The Family Tastic!

OK, so I know I started this last week and there were supposed to be 5 acts and there were only 4 and hey, what the heck happened to act 5 please? And I already knew what the fifth act was because oh look, I actually named it at the end of Act 4 so you’d really think that I knew what the hell I was doing!

But what you don’t know is that I started Act 5 several times. Bunches of times, in fact. I thought this would be the easiest one because it’s the one I know the best: my family! And yet SO HARD!

I started it and I’d write about fun things that happened with the family but they were already covered by games or food or WHALES! and I couldn’t figure out what the heck my point was. Which is dumb, because it’s only my point. It’s not like I’m being graded here – make your point, Femmie! Only when other blog posts began backing up behind this one, which refused to be written, could I really look at this question and see the problem. Which is this: it’s not about what I do with my family or stories of family fun times. It’s about the pure, magical excellence of just BEING with my family. Unfettered, uncomplicated, unobstructed family time.

OK, like this: I often take naps during the coast weekend. Naps right there amidst the fun and food and all, with people milling about and noise and singing STUFF. Because to me there is no better sleep in the world than sleeping in a room full of people. Your people. The weekend in the coast is like spending three days snuggled up on the bed of grown-up coats at a holiday party. Three days of just knowing that everything is ok and will be until you have to re-pack the car and go back to the real world.

I know to enjoy one’s own family so much is lunacy akin to naked power-walking over broken glass for most people. This lunacy has been my whole life and I’m super-jazzed that I get to watch the next couple of generations growing up being the same odd ducks with their friends. Forever will the family Tastic be those crazy people who enthusiastically spend days hanging out with their family members and hooray for us!

And thus endeth, AT LAST, Act 5! Back to our regularly, un-schmaltzy, even acerbic blog posts. Pardon the gush, y’all!

{OK, I know that this didn't actually hit the web until Wednesday, but I wrote it on Monday, but then there was this thing and also some other stuff and I THOUGHT it was all up and posted and "yay! done!" and then here I was looking at this post calling itself Act 5 but being a draft and ummmmmm... what? So I don't know what happened, but I'm still posting this on Monday. Hmph!}

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