Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hard Ass with not so much flirting

OK, so is it bad if you there’s a guy who flirts with you, and the very next day you rip him a new one? That’s bad, right? That discourages flirting, right? NOT sending the right message.

Yeah, that’s what I thought…

See, the other day I was chatting with this freelance mover guy who is working with my company. We were just chatting, chatting, super-casual chatting, and then ooh! Hey, what was that there? Was that there a little flirting? A little sneaky, subtle flirting? I think it was!

He’s all “here’s my email address and stuff so you can send me work info and stuff.” And I’m all “cool. Thanks. ‘sup.” And he’s all “wow, you know about the stock market too? Cool! We’re totally connected!” and I’m all “tee hee, the stock market is cool, I’m totally into that.” And he’s all “my ex-wife used to spend all my money which sucked and I was totally in debt and that sucked too…” and I’m all “…”

Did I mention that this guy is older? Like probably 10-15 years older? But not creepy older! More like that salt-and-pepper sexy thing! Silver foxish, see? So, ya know, there’s an ex-wife and uber-awkward flirting right then. Sigh.

Anyway, overall it was excellent flirting action. I knew that you guys would be so proud of me! I thought to myself, as I was batting eyelashes and showing leg (sock, really, but you know what I’m going for) “oh my internet friends will be ever so pleased that I’m here flirting with this guy. Yay for me!”

Until he went and RUINED it!

See, the next day this guy is supposed to give me this THING and he doesn’t, and doesn’t, and then doesn’t some more. And then he DOES and it’s missing all this information! So I did what I had to do: I bust him on it! I say to Mr. Flirty McDivorcee “you yourself said you’d get me this info, dude!” To which flirty boy says “I lied.”

I LIED??? Oh, it is ON, my friend!!! Flirting or no flirting, right now I’m mostly looking forward to seeing you CRY!!!

Yeah, I verbally provided him with a new and fabulous crap exit route, so to be speaking. Because it is SO NOT OK to tell me one thing, do another, lesser, crappy thing and then reply with “I LIED” Someone had to die, I’m sure you would agree. Hot and Cold running My Foot Up His Ass, that’s what there was!

Of course most dating “how-to” books are probably going to tell me how this is not the way to have future flirting opportunities. Sigh. Such is the difficult love life of we, the hard asses. The lonely, kick-butt hard asses.

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