Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Replace the "B" with the upside-down Double-U thingie and it all bakes sense...

I’b sick.

(and also cough, cough, hack, die.)

I wish I could blabe all of my lack-of-posting od this cold, but that would be a lie. But I can blabe the last 5 days of by not posting on this cold. Also I cad hate this cold for the coldidess of it.

(seriously, hack DIE.)

Before the cold I was just so having the holidays! I was baking (but not actually baking, like with an oven, but instead baking like how it would sound if I didn’t have a cold, with an eb. Upside-down double-u thing.) things that were gifty of nature like fabulous calendars highlighting how awesome is by photo-eye (and by hubility. Don’t forget my abazing, earth-shattering hubility) and also jewelry that was sparkly. SO sparkly. And this year again I didn’t do a Christbas card but instead did a CD of all the busic with which I was obsessed in the last year, which (get this) I do in lieu of a card because I hate all the hassles of sending Christbas cards.

OK, now I’b just gonna wait here for you to stop laughing at by piles of dumb…

…(ban, by cuticles are out of control!)…

…finished? Lovely.

All of this is just to say (hold it – coughing very much now!) that I’b a bad, bad blogger who dropped off the face of the earth and all bostly because of a holiday that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, but that I don’t seem to banage very well. (…and how was YOUR ChrisbaHannuKwanzicas?)

But now I’b sick. Hack DIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!

Here’s the deal: I have bany posts in my head. Bany of them. Know how you find a gift for someone around the holidays and then once they’re off your “purchase” list you just keep thinking of new, excellent gifts for theb? Well when you’re way, WAY over-busy to write blog posts you spend all of your free tibe (and by free I don’t bean tibe where I could be writing a blog post, but bore accurately tibe in the shower or driving or falling asleep or standing in line waiting to get a shopping ball gift card watching sobe TREBENDOUS DOUCHEBAG be totally nasty to sobe poor, abused seasonal ball employee!!!) seeing excellent things about which you could write a blog post. If you weren’t in the shower. Or driving. “Hey, buddy, could you cobe over here so I could write a blog post about how buch of a tool you’re being during this the bost “be good, don’t pout, for goodness sake!” tibe of year on the back of your head???”

So now that the holidays are just about over, and I’ve taken care of all the “being sick” I need to do in the next 5 years, and my “brain” is full to bursting with blog post potential you should, IN THEORY, have things to read for a while. HAPPY NEW YEAR, BY PEOPLES!!!!!

(Hack. Also seriously for the last time die, die, DIE.)

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