Monday, January 05, 2009

The one I forgot to title for like 3 days...

I think my imaginary online boyfriend-like-person might be mad at me.

You know how I didn’t write any blog posts for a really long time? And how it was because holidays are super-busy (but also super-awesome, which makes the super-busy part of it totally worth it, but still super-busy)? Well at the same time that I wasn’t writing to you guys I was also simultaneously not writing to Mr. Carl. At all.

Like he’s written me two lovely, albeit boring as watching fish evolve, emails and I’ve written him one response. (I do think, though, that I met the boring requirement. I seem to remember having fallen asleep while writing my reply at least once, so boring was my lame email reply.) It took me at least a week, and probably two, to write the first reply, and then when I finally did “send” it he replied back to me in something like a day. A DAY! Plus, in the reply he told me how he had to run because he was rushing off to the airport to catch a plane and I’m thinking “what in the hell are you doing writing me an email when you have a plane to catch? DID YOU NOT NOTICE THE BORING?!?!” Ugh. So even though I have many busy, busy holiday things I was doing on which I can blame my weeks of not replying to the second instantaneous response from Mr. Carl, it’s really because bleah, I don’t wanna.

But I will, because if I don’t you guys will be fed up with me and The Queen will take away my television!

So it was with that less-than-enthusiastic, but completely obligatory, wave of… something… that I faced eventually taking the 3-6 minutes it takes to craft boring and lame emails to reply to Mr. Carl. Except that TODAY I got an email in my personal email saying that I have a message from Mr. Carl waiting for me in my EMelody account. (which I can’t access from work, as they have blocked EMelody at work because they are apparently not paying me to find the man of my dreamy, dreamy dreams but whatever, I don’t love you either stupid job…) So I have to wait until I get home to see what he wrote.

But when I saw he wrote I had this response: “oh crap! My online non-boyfriend-person is probably mad at me and I’m gonna get in trouble!”

I’m gonna get in trouble. Even though he doesn’t have my last name or my contact info. And even though I’m secretly hoping that there’s some nice, boring single girl out there looking for some boring boy just like Mr. Carl to settle down and like a whole lot, who will relieve me from my obligation to keep sending and receiving boring emails from Mr. Carl. It’s like my EMelody pen pal just assigned me homework!

So I’ll check when I get home. He’s probably just sending the classic “hello? Anyone out there?” email, and I’ll feel like a doofus and have to hide the doofusness in my reply.

My boring, boring, SO BORING reply.

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