Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Sunday...

Hey, is it just me or is it almost Christmas?

Presents – they are purchased. And also they are wrapped.

Stuffers for stockings are found and sorted and ready to stuff

Food is figured out and ready to be cooked and such. By me! I’ll cook food!

House is clean, tree is trimmed, stockings are hung by no chimney with care, and yet I will confess (with much chagrin for being so sappy) that all I’m really caring about is Sunday. Because on Sunday returns the Englishman.

(oh, by the way? That’s his nickname. The Englishman. T.E. for short, but you guys don’t know him well enough for that yet, so we’re sticking with The Englishman.)

I’ve told him before, and its ever so true, that he’s ruined Christmas for me. Because normally all I’d be able to THINK about right now is the impending arrival of a fat guy in a red suit with bags of cool stuff. But even though I’m still super-happy about Christmasness right around the corner I’m down right GIDDY about the impending arrival of a gorgeous guy in whatever the hell he wants to wear with bags of his stuff, the better to stay and spend weeks with me.

Oh, and Christmas is cool too.

Of course once I’m sitting amidst my family and food and presents and Nat King Cole on the stereo I’ll be all focused on the holiday. Well, mostly all. But it really does amaze me how much his arrival has trumped everything else, becoming the pinnacle thing to anticipate. What are we doing while he’s here? Nothing much, really. Just hanging out. Just spending time; enjoying each other. But that is the very best thing I can think of to do, and everything else is “nice too.”

So everyone please have a very nice Christmas. But have an AWESOME Sunday!

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