Saturday, January 20, 2007

What next, people?

I write you from the sick bed (sick desk) but I decided today I was well enough to do two things: Bathe and Blog. We won't cover which I'm doing first.

so my super-productive membership w/ will automatically renew for one month (at the highway robbery price of $30!) next Thursday, the 25th. And I need you guys to help me figure out what I should do next. As I see it, here are the possible options:

1. renew with and give them another chance. I could either just give them another month (which seems a little fruitless really, given the last three months) or do another three months, almost like a "do-over" on the assumption that Mr. Right was just not lonely at the end of 2006. Mayhaps he was in a relationship, or fighting a possibly fatal disease, or deep under cover spying on the Swiss. (damned Swiss...)

2.Find another online relationship website and give them a try. This would be if we thought that Mr. Right is out there, but just not signed up on After all, if you figure there are only so many Mr.s that could be called "Right" in this town, and only so many of them signed up online at all, then if you focus on only one of the possible online databases you're gonna make the statisticians nuts! Personally I don't like to make crazy those controlling the stats.

3. Try an online dating site instead of a relationship site. I see pros and cons to this idea. The pro is that those sites go much faster (you're often emailing people right away) and therefore could generate much more fodder for blogging right away. The cons is that I'm not looking to 'hook up' with someone, so I know I wouldn't be able to take the endeavor seriously on a personal standpoint. Which actually leads us quite nicely to the last option...

4... call this an experiment well attempted, but in the words of George Bush the first, "na ga do it." Of course that would then force us (yes, I am sharing the presure here with you guys!) to decide what the new mission would be. Because what you do NOT want is for me to revert this blog to one where I tell you about my daily schtuff. "dear blog, today I spent 21.5 hours lying on the couch with kitties lying on me, broken up with occassional coughing. Good times. Good times..."

So according to the stats website I've been employing (it's true, I'm checking up on you guys) there are some 30 people a day who stop by this blog and read. I'm looking for you all to find your voice, people! Tell me what you want to do next here at UIL. I'll be taking SOME kind of step by Wednesday so speak now or forever yadda yadda yadda.

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