Sunday, January 07, 2007


OK, one day was cute and all. But at this point I'm being mocked by Every day I get more and more matches, and from more and more remote spots within my "geographical region." I'm closing them all for the same reason -- I still don't live in any of those other places because I live in MY place! -- but take the hint they do not. The next day: 6 more matches from far and wide.

So then, in addition to "no thanks!ing" the matches, I go into my settings and reselect my distance limitations. And they show me that they are, indeed, listening by sending me 7 matches from places I'll never live.

Today? 8 new, craptastic matches. (and if I'm not mistaken there was a little E-snicker this time.) But I finally figured out what I had to do. I had to "reset" my priorities. I apparently told the folks a that physical distance is not the most important thing to me -- I called it "7 out of 9" -- so I went in and changed that priority to "very important." But just as I was making the change I realized that if I take "distance" out of the flexible matching option the brain trust behind could start throwing matches at me that are less attentative to some of my other less-critical match priorities, and I thought I should take a look at what those other things might be.

And now I'm nervous.

The things I set as least important to me were:
Income and Age

So now that I've taken 'distance' off the table, here's what I fear I'm getting next:

-" wants you, Femtastic, to meet Milton. Milton lives in , is 87 years young and is the extremely comfortable with his stature of 3 ft. 4. Luckily this height helps him to fit right in with the rest of his classmates in the 6th grade of Lonely Elementary. (If you two make a match please be aware that he'll need to borrow a little cash for that first date.)"

Yes, when the Online Dating Website you've hooked up to starts sending you folks from distant lands it sure begins to feel like their way of saying "Psssst: you are unmatchable. You've frightened away all the dudes." Now that would be freaky to many folks, but I'm so proud of my independence I'm seeing this as independent confirmation from a neutral source that it don't matter where I go or what I do, because no dude can handle me. Hah! (you're beginning to see just where this is going, right? Welcome to the ride.)

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