Friday, February 29, 2008

Do it For the Magic

Today is Leap Day! I’m going to post today no matter what, because I won’t get another chance to post a blog post on February 29th for four whole years!

Sadly, for some bizarre reason this day is NOT a holiday at my work. I ask you, if a day which magically appears every four years, and then disappears just as magically, isn’t a reason for paid time off I don’t know WHAT IS. It’s like the calendar equivalent of Briga-friggin'-doon, for dang sake! What I should be doing right now is playing bagpipes and wearing a kilt and eating dang haggis!

Instead I’m at work. But I’m not letting this day go without some kind of festive acknowledgement. So how am I celebrating Leap Day? 6 words:

Free Pepsi and unlimited Red Vines

Someone had a Pepsi they didn’t want (don’t even get me started on the impossibility of having a Pepsi that you don’t want) so they gave it to me. THEN, not more than minutes later, someone else found one of those eleventy-thousand-pound tubs of Red Vines in their office which they ALSO didn’t want!

I left the tub in their office, so as not to seem greedy, but I think they’ve noticed that I come back in there every 8 minutes to get another handful of Red Vine goodness. Yes, they’re definitely on to me. But it really doesn’t matter, because by the end of the day I’ll have made myself completely sick on soda and Red Vines. Happy Freakin’ Leap Day, my people!

What did you do to celebrate???

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