Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Policy planning at milepost 2.5...

(my favorite cousin and I are walking her cool dog on the newly-opened walking trail and pass a motorcycle cop chatting with one of the organizers of the walk/run/thing...)

Cool Cuz (CC): I think that cops should only be allowed to pull over people on the same mode of transportation that they’re on.

Femtastic (FT): You mean motorcycle cops should only be able to pull over people on motorcycles?

CC: right, but also bike cops should only pull over people on bikes.

FT: interesting...

CC: And mounted police should only pull over people on horseback. Of course I guess the bike cops are a self-limiting thing anyway. I guess they could also ticket people on foot.

FT: Oh no, I’d say only beat cops should be pulling over people on foot! I think you’re totally on to something here.

CC: well foot cops could ticket people. Not so much ‘pull them over’ You know, since they’re on foot.

FT: oh see, but I also think that all cops should be required to use lights and sirens when pulling someone over. If they’re not in a vehicle with gumballs then they should have to wear a helmet with a big flashing light on top…

CC: …and a siren!

FT: Man, we should SO run for public office…

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