Wednesday, October 11, 2006

"I don't take good pictures...

...'cuz I have the kind of beauty that moves." as Ani DiFranco was smart enough to once say.

Yeah, I'm not a member of the photogenic club. And therefore I hate having to produce pictures of myself. I set up a page once, and chose a lovely shot of a favorite Muppet as my icon rather than throw up my own mug.

Of course if I say this to anyone they'll always assure me that I'm very attractive, which is very nice (and that's exactly why they say it) but it's not the point. I'm totally fine w/ my level of attractiveness, but it's my photogenicness (it's a word now!) that I'm not cool with. For years I've countered this problem by being the one with the camera all the time. But now I'm sitting here w/ the dang thing in my hands having to take my own picture.

This is something I can do. And it's my only good alternative, because I know how I'd like to look in a picture. Others will take a picture that they think looks fine, but we're all our own worst critics of our own pics, so I gotta be happy more than anyone else. So I'll get it done, I will.

Here, however, are some I felt I should reject...


Cheeky Monkey!

Slouchy hotness...?

...check out my profile for one of the keepers. Next step: I pull the trigger!

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