Thursday, February 01, 2007

So few words, so many syllables...

Princess Stinkbutt becomes an officially 2-year old person tomorrow. Thanks to the help and support of the royal family, as well as friends a plenty and her rockin' school, the princess can, so far, do all of the following:
  • body parts identification (yours or hers)
  • animal noises (with special skill at quiet bear)
  • Row, Row, Row any Boat you give her
  • show you her handle as well as her spout
  • dance, dance, dance, baby!
  • allow water to touch her face both via submersion and bathtub waterfall
Things still on her highness' "to do" list:
  • talk
Don't misunderstand, because she's by no means quiet. She and I probably spend the same amount of time a day making sounds via the mouth-type-face-part. But where as for me it's all about using the fanciest, bestest words I can conjure (like, for instance, conjure!) the wee pri-shizzle does it all through her own special brand of 'no-actual-words-were-harmed-or-used-during-the-creation-of-this-sentence' language-ishness. I find this pretty amazing, because I have it on pretty good authority (i.e. my own guess) that I came out of the womb talking exactly this much and this fast. I have always felt like if I couldn't talk I'd freeze up completely as a person. Petrofide Femtastic. Oh the horror.

That's why I love hanging with the princess. Princess in da house, yo! Because she reminds me over and over that one can communicate volumes, even without actual words. She encourages me to use the facial expression, the hand gestures, the rollicking hip-toss and oh the inflections, inflections, IN-FLEC-TIONS! Through this stuff she gets it done! You know from when comes she most of the dang time!

So tomorrow she and the Queen will hang for the day, and this weekend is pock-marked with "Princess Stinkbutt is 2!" celebrations, complete with cupcakes, toddlers and sing-sing-singing! There are rumors of crowns (as would only befit a chick of her royal stature) and visits from cousins who share the same awesome birthdate.

I'm just hoping she and I get a chance for a good, long talk.

Happy Wove, Thursday, y'all! Here's to showing the wove w/out the words.

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Queenie said...

Ahhh, thank you Auntie!

Now to be fair, when asked how old she is she'll tell you twooo! And she may not be willing to pick you out of a crowd, but she will pick you out of a picture of you. So hey that's something!