Saturday, February 10, 2007

to poke the bear or not to poke the bear...

OK, so I checked Yenta again today. Same lonely email ("hi, I'm not supposed to be here and my info and pictures suck. Have a nice day." Of course I'm paraphrasing.) and same list of people who've checked out my profile. But that's it.

I scanned the list again, and here's the thing. There's this one (and only one, so far) dude who looks interesting. His headline is something I'd appreciate, he likes many things that I officially like (some of them I actually DO like!) and he's not bad looking. And he's on that list of guys who looked at me, and at this point I'm on his list of chicks who've looked at him.

Now what?

My plan, because I'm already having a hard time with having invested money and time in online matchmaking, was to get myself out there and let the dudes do all the work. Let my siren call and my fascinating, scintilating (I didn't talk about poop or boogers at all!) profile and that come-hither look in my eyes be all that it took to drag them forth in droves. This was the plan. I have a plan, and when I have a plan I hate to deviate from it. From the plan. See my pretty, pretty plan?

The hard part is getting the dudes to do their part of the plan. Where, I ask you, are my droves? So far they are totally slacking on all the being dragged forth stuff. I'm having bonafide flashbacks, and so here is my dilemma: wink or no wink?

See, Yenta has this thing called "wink" and apparently it's a way to let someone know that you're interested (beyond just the "I was looking at your profile" deal). I imagine it is the adult, web-based equivalent of "hi i like you do you like me if you do check this box if you dont then i dont either." I'm sure the next step would be e-punching them in the arm and e-running away.

But the winking is not on the plan. I've checked. So do I stray from the pretty, pretty plan? Does that make me the aggressive, pushy beotch that I'm trying to hide from the droves, at least until I've got their spare key and PIN number? Or (alternative spin that I'm trying on for size) is this a good way to find a member of the droves that would be able to handle such an aggressive, pushy beotch? After all, beotch I be one way or another, and maybe the fair thing is to give them the warning now, in the beginning?

OK, you've talked me into it, you silver-tongued devils. I've winked at the dude (we'll call him Monty.) And I'm already regretting the whole thing. You silver-tongued bastards, what the hell were you thinking? Why do I listen to you? Sigh.

I'll keep you posted. Don't I always?

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queenie said...


Can't wait to hear if he "winks" back!