Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Being sick vs. being sick w/ guests

I lost the battle of the trash can. But at least I decided to give up being at work and was home when the battle was lost. Whew! But sadly I spent Monday and much of today being very lie-downy on the couch. (oh my beloved, beloved couch. I sometimes forget how much I love you, but you're always there for me and you never judge. Even when I spend 2 days on you in the same clothes...)

Anyway, as I was pulling myself back out to the category of "the living" today I found myself thinking about what such a period of yuck would be like with someone else in the house. Maybe it's because I've been a solo player for so long, but I am very, very sure that if I WERE to be sick with a partner I'd pretty much insist that they be anywhere but my house until I were better. Truly. Because if I feel cruddy the last thing I want to do is feel like I've got guests in the house.

Which brought me to another realization, which is that if I ever were to decide to co-habitate (big if, but I was feverish and the mind was traveling FAR. Purple elephant; black, female president far, people!) I'd never get over feeling like the other person was this guest in my place who would just never GO AWAY. I like having my own space and I don't know how anyone gets used to having someone else in their space 24/7. But assuming that I could get beyond that on a normal day, the second I start re-living my previous day's dietary choices I know I'd take the time, between yorps, to demand some ME TIME.

Oh, it gets worse.

I am also sure that I'd be a miserable nurse for someone else. I can do "sympathetic" when out in the world for quite a while. I spent 2 hours at my Granny's hospital bedside, trying to get her to take a pain pill while she cursed and whacked at me (different story, but probably one you'll get to read later). But then I get to come home and not give a crap about anybody else besides me. And the cats. And that works well because they're even more self-obsessed then I am, so they MAKE me give a crap about them. You won't find a plant living in my house because they refuse to speak up, but all the cats are alive, fat and sassy. But they get to be that way because they're cats. Any guy that diva-esque I'd have to exterminate.

Do you see what I'm saying here? Basically as I come out of my plague fog I realize something really important that I must add to my Yenta.com profile: I'm looking for someone who will NEVER get sick, and who, if I get sick, will get a hotel room.

I'm sure he's out there.

(List of 100 things is 2/3rds done, but I have to review it to see what the hell I typed while in the plague fog. Not that I think it would be wrong, but rather things you don't need to know...)

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Rachel said...

Sorry you've been feeling punky, sweetie! It's actually pretty nice to have someone to take care of you when you are sick - as long as they also know when to leave you alone. ;-)

How's granny doing?