Friday, April 13, 2007

What if you threw a wink party and nobody came?

So the good (and surprising) news was that out of 6 winks I didn't get one single rejection! Not one! Look at me, being not at all rejected! Wahoo!

The other news (good? bad? unclear) is that out of 6 winks nobody winked back. Or emailed. Or even noticed? I'm all out there, winking my heart out and everybody else is unresponsive. You know, like I was to the guy who winked at me. Maybe this is just a karmic kickback. Maybe I should wink back? Even if I'm not interested? Or maybe I should go ahead and reject him? Or maybe I'm reading all sorts of meaning into stuff that is 100% coincidental?

Part of me would kind of prefer some good, old fashioned rejection. Rejection is clear and direct. You know where you stand with rejection. And I tend to go straight to "angry" with rejection, which is an emotion I'm totally versed in.

So then I'm thinking "maybe I should start over again and do some more winking?" So I search and review and find that it's all the same guys out there. Apparently there are only 35 dudes who match my preferences in Hippyville. 34 -- that's it. I've winked at 6 of them, there are about 11 without pictures (and therefore off limits because I'm not that daring), another 15 who I'm not interested in (vegetarian, morning person, too touchy-feely, morning person, not my type, looks-wise, morning person...) and, according to the math, 2 more guys whom I have lost in the shuffle somehow. (I should really look for them -- what if they're in the swamp?)

the commercials are saying it's a whole new, but to me it's just the same old guys. Plus 2 in the swamp.

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