Saturday, April 28, 2007

It's good to have goals

I hate to break it to all of you, but you're not going to live forever.

I know this because if there was anyone who was ever going to live forever it was my Granny. She didn't age a bit from my first solid memory of her (around age 7, when she moved to Hippyville) until about 10 years ago. She stayed a little old, but not elderly, for over 20 years. Didn't get sick, never got hurt... Live forever, that was Granny.

And even after she did suddenly get old, and then older, and then uncomfortably old, she was still gonna live forever. We celebrated 90 years with a big party. We celebrated 95 years with an even bigger one. We were already starting the planning of her 100th birthday party, which was to be HUGE.

But I have absolute proof right now that nobody will ever live forever. Because Granny gave up that option Thursday afternoon. She has moved on to blaze a trail through the next cool challenge, and I'm glad that she'll have all those rules figured out by the time I get there. After all, she did a crap load of amazing stuff when she was here. She really made the most of her 97+ years, including traditional adventures such as marriage, 3 kids, 5 grandkids and 9 great-grandkids.

She also had many not-so-traditional adventures, such as going to a picture show with a mobster's bodyguards, singing on the radio when radio was tv, traveling all over Europe with a girlfriend and no dude (shocking for the time!) and even a short trip to a mental institution. (she committed herself -- probably the bravest thing ever.)

Now I have to figure out what I want on my list of adventures before I move on. Let's assume I have another 60 years to fill. With what do I wish to fill them, dear Liza, dear Liza, with what do I wish to fill them, dear Liza, with what? (thank you, Muppets) In honor of old, old, very old Granny and her list of "here's what Granny did with Granny's time" I am starting my own list of things I'd like to do my time. It will ever be a work in progress (much like my life. Yours too? Something else we have in common. I feel very close to you right now.) but I'll try to keep it current. A never-ending meme, if you will. Here's what I got so far:
  1. travel to 3 other continents (Australia, Africa and possibly a pole?)
  2. own my own house.
  3. have at least one piece of writing published.
  4. own a 1963 Ford Falcon convertible. That runs.
  5. have sex with at least one other guy besides WWIT-Dude
  6. Fire a shotgun and a rifle.
  7. win a blue ribbon in photography from somebody what matters.
  8. own a first edition of a good book.
  9. keep a plant alive, outside, for more then one season.
  10. learn how to do at least one of the following dances: tango, salsa or swing.
Any suggestions? Any challenges? I challenge you all to start a list of your own! This time is a cool thing -- don't waste it. And blaze on, Granny!

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Rachel said...

Granny was a force to be reckoned with! I know she's giving 'em all the what for in the afterlife - or at least making them some really kick-ass desserts. I'm so glad I got to know Miss Mary Jane. My life was definitely the richer for it.

You know my list is so so LONG, girl!