Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Can I ruin perfection? Yes I Can!

Where the hell have I been, right? Well I will TELL you where I have been! I went to the top of the world, people!

The Royal Couple and I took a road trip to the big city to catch (wait for it...)


Oh it was so very, very Fantabulorousorific there are no words! (welll now there's that new one, but up until right before now there were totally no words.) We jumped in the Royalmobile, dropped off Princess Stinkbutt with the Queen Mom (The King's mom) for the night and headed hours away to the big city where big things happen and big people come to make a big noise.

Now seeing The Police live is guaranteed magic. the worst you can do with that is still better then a million other things you could do. There was no worry that the time beholding The Police would be anything less then the greatest 4 hours of history. but it was so much more then that because the entire 2 day adventure was perfect! You know how you plan some cool adventure and you think secretly to yourself "what things in this plan might go kablooey, and which would I prefer and how could I handle it and, and, and...", right? Sure, I did this. Turns out that was all for naught!

NOTHING WENT WRONG. NOTHING. N-O-T-H-I-N-G! The drive was smooth, the hotel was classic, we killed time as we'd planned to and had yummy burgers for dinner as planned and after all that we went to see the M'ing-F'ing POH-LEESE! LIVE! IN CONCERT! And we got sleep and had breakfast and drove home and that all went super-good... AND I got to take 2 days off of work. AND I got to purchase an excellent Police t-shirt. AND I got home with enough time left in the day to relax and reflect on the excellent 2 day adventure.

So then you know what I did? Oh, it's very excellent too. Once this fantabulorousorific 2-day slice of heaven was over I spent the next 2 days in a massive, stymying funk. Sat on the couch with the blues. Did not a thing because I was way too bummed to do anything. I Was SAD. And I was lame. And I was sad because I was being so very, very lame.

I'm not going to explain how it is that such a good time could become such lameness -- either you've experienced a similar lamiosity (lameness, lamestence, lameish, etc.) and you get it or you're a better person then I and you'd never, ever understand it even if I tried to explain. The good news is that a combination of The Tonys, girl's night of sushi and one dark chocolate truffle that I ate all by my gluttoness self did the trick and I'm off the couch. I'm thinking of the next cool thing I can do. I'm winking and taking pictures and figuring out what I want to be when I grow up (shut it!) and writing this mindless drivel for you, my chosen few who like me even though I've found a new level of lame that snails and weeds and toe-jam will be saddened by. Bless you for your questionable standards!

So watch this space for more stuff. And if you get the chance to see one of your most cherished bands live in concert? DO IT.

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Queen said...

Ok, really I was going to comment on the above post, but apparently it doesn't want comments?!

Anyway just wanted to say that once again you've made me laugh out loud, so lucky I didn't have anything in my mouth at the time!

Oh, and I had a good time too!