Monday, October 22, 2007

The All-Vidiot Installment!

There are things I should write about, but lately I've been overwhelmed by the number of excellent videos that have been sent to me or I've found or were shoved under my door, etc... Anyway, I'm all about the sharing, and so I share these lovelies with you, my lovelies. More writing will come, but for now? FUNNY...

(Note: Not all of these funnies are safe for kids or work -- tread carefully!)

~stolen from my hero, Joshilyn Jackson, over at Faster Than Kudzu. I know actual people with far less rhythm then this little guy!~

~if you haven't discovered these guys yet you should. Everyone should. I'm sending missionaries into the wilds of third world jungles to make sure they know -- that much everyone~

~this marks the moment when I first fell for both Steve Carell and Steven Colbert. Not to mention Steven's 11 brothers and sisters, and Steve's excellent french pronounciation.~

~my favorite thing in every episode of Saturday Night Live are the digital shorts, and especially random and bizarre things like this. Which I would like to think are just like what I would do. With that kind of time. And resources. And support people.

And talent.

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