Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Slightly less then secret blogging

Most important rules for secret blogging:

1) use fake names for all people, places, some things.
2) don’t display your face on the website if at all possible
3) keep your stupid mouth shut about it!

I keep messing up rule number 3…

So I’ve been tapped as a “Guest Writer’ (and can we take just a minute to marvel at how special that makes ME sound?...) to contribute things to a friend’s website. (how did the friend find out about my blog? Through a sneaky process of guile and underhandedness. She guessed and I responded with “when did I tell you about my blog?” Next stop: CIA operative.) Anyhoo, the other site is called “What Ladies Think” and the basic idea behind it is a place where guys can post “What is the DEAL with you ladies???” questions and get “SIGH. You guys just do not get it!!!” responses from women. But for now, while all the other stuff is being assembled and such (and don’t ask me – I used the standard blogger template for a reason, people. The high-tech stuff has me totally befuzzled.) they’re starting with a blog. And I have a blog. And like chocolate to peanut butter, we were brought together in a magical collaboration.

Or something.

I’m not really sure what I’ll say there which would be different then what I already say here. In theory I’m talking to a readership of men, though I suspect that might not be such the case quite yet. Still, I’m gonna try to hit the ground running in much the same way I will in the future (so, kind of a flaily run where my arms are free to go as they please and I run the risk of dislocating a shoulder with each flail).

My biggest fear with this thing is that I’ll fall onto stereo-typical concepts and such. I don’t want to write posts like “we already know what happens if we pull your finger, that’s why it’s not funny.” So I’m really wracking my brain for solid, quality ideas for posts…

HA! Man, I held that straight face for like 40 seconds! Yeah, you guys already know my posts will be things like “why women should just go ahead and burp” or “You know what’s funny? When her dog loves you more then he loves her. Super funny.” (quality stuff. High-larious!) I encourage you guys to come and look and read and enjoy. And tell friends. Always tell friends. I told you guys, and you’re my friends, right?

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