Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Passive Aggressive on a grumbly day

OK, so I hate everybody today. Not sure why, but I do.

I have some ideas though.

Like the fact that I took a cut in pay when I changed jobs, even though I make the same hourly wage. This cut in pay is courtesy of the HR people at the old job, who apparently never figured out how much they were supposed to take from my pay for taxes, and the HR people at the new job, who do know how much to take. And they also take it. And even though they’re right, and even though I had to pay a bunch of money to the tax man last April (which sucked, because I never have spare piles of a bunch of money sitting around waiting for somewhere to spend it!), it still sucks. Oh, and I’ll still end up owing money next April because of the months I was working at “El Stupido Grande HR Company.”

And I have been given three very unpopular messages to deliver to the rest of the world today by my various bosses, such as “would you come to a meeting at 7am on Monday?” or “we need those lists that you were supposed to make a month ago” (which, by the way, apparently NOBODY did because they keep saying ‘do you want this? Or this? Or what do you want?” and I can’t reply with “the damned thing I asked you to make a month ago! That’s what I want! And thanks for your ability to follow damned directions!!!!”) and even though I don’t want these meetings or lists I’m still the one that everybody hates and yells at (ok, E-Yells, but it still sucks) and I can’t reply appropriately (with an E-finger) for I am of the “peon” class and phylum.

And it’s been supposed to rain every day this week, so I’ve not biked in because nobody in town has rain pants, but then every day it’s grey and ominous looking all the day long but never does a drop of rain fall. Like the weather is mocking me!

And now it’s raining.

Days like this make me crazy and I act out in such fabulously passive aggressive ways, because the day is nobody’s fault entirely, yet someone must pay.

And so I just finished whizzing and decided not to wash my hands. So there! Take that official hand washing policy! You are SO not the boss of me! I control my hand-washing destiny! And today I say NO MORE!

It would be much more empowering if I’d actually pee’d on my hands or something, but still it’s a step. Power to the people – the people with dry hands!

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