Sunday, October 28, 2007

You say hallucination, I say photograph...

I have proof. Proof I say! I have PROOF that hook-dude exists. I know there are people who think I’ve been making him up, or possibly hallucinating him. Well FIE on this people, because this weekend I got me some ever-lovin’ proof. I got PITCHURS!

Saturday I did a little photo-stroll through our open-air local market, which just happens to congregate across the street from our County courthouse. And in front of the courthouse is this big courtyard-type-deal that is called the “ Free Speech Plaza.” Or “Wacky Hippy Drum Circle Spot.” This is where people come to chant or drum or wave their “I’m Against This!” signs. Or, apparently, to be a guy with a hook for a hand, should that be your thing.

Because there he was! Hook Dude, big as life (and someday one of you will have to tell me where that phrase comes from) hangin’ with friends who have a couple of hands, rather then the hand/hook combo. And me with my camera!

So I cross the street but I know I gotta be sneaky-sly here, because some folks don’t like having their picture taken. For most people I’m pretty hardcore about it – “golly, I guess you shouldn’t have left the safety of your home then, eh?” or like that. But in the case of a guy with a lethal weapon welded on to the end of his arm I figure super-sneaky is the way to go.

So I did my standard sneaky thing: I find someone who I know won’t mind me snapping their picture, such as a guy with a p
olitical sign (who by definition wants ATTENTION, ATTENTION, ATTENTION!) or the drummers in the circle, who hope their rhythmic rhythms will incite passers by to spontaneously bust out dancing. So they can’t be shy either. I focused in on a not-shy figure, but who is about as far away as the true target, and in similar lighting, and I meter and focus it all up. But I also peeky-peeky out the corner of my eye where my target is, and when I can see their distracted I POUNCE! Voila!

So now all of you nay-saying nellies can just lump it, because hook dude is real and I gots me the proof. Now I just need to capture the talking parking meters on film. Soon.

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