Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Next I'll ask Keith to just write all my posts. Because GO KEITH!

One of things I was MOST excited about last Tuesday night was that all the politics, politics, POLITICS was going to finally settle down. Seriously, I've been afraid to answer my phone or the front door for months because 50% of the time I was greeted by someone eager to tell me why I ABSOLUTELY MUST VOTE AGAINST/FOR THE LOVE OF GOD VOTE FOR (RANDOM PERSON, BALLOT MEASURE OR PROPOSITION) OR ELSE WE WILL ALL DIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!! My region votes by mail and it's great because once you figure out what you're voting for/against you can send it away and put a little sign on your front door that says "I've already voted" so that the voting police will leave you alone. (or if you're a sneaky, under-handed person you might even put the sign on your door as soon as the ballots arrive in the mail -- they don't know!)

So I awoke Wednesday to a fabulous, politics-pushing-free-zone. Revel in the lack of people wanting to tell me how to think and feel about things and stuff! Whee! What's that, automated phone message? You want to help me with my mortgage rates (a tricky thing, since I rent) or extend my car's warranty (which it's never had) or sell me satellite tv (HA!!!)? Go right ahead! Sell me and get me and extend me! Just so long as you don't want to talk about voting I'll even let you give me a longer schlong.

And then I read the E-paper, about how my good friends the citizens of California got together to present a group "F*ck You!" to the gay population of the state. And I said to myself "Oh Balls. Guess nobody called the Californians and told them how to vote."

First things first: I am opposed to the idea of Prop 8 or anything that says to a sub-section of our nation (or world) "you do not have the right to make a legal, official life with the person you love." I'm appalled that so many states decided to exercise their rights to be small-minded and selfish and petty and just generally wrong. The whole thing is tragic and stupid and other snarky, irritated and frustrated-because-I-didn't-have-any-chance-to-vote-AGAINST-it things. But rather than me tell you my feelings I'd like to continue the wave of general praise for Keith Olbermann which is sweeping across the internets and just let him tell you my feelings. Because what he is about to say? Yeah. Hell Yeah.

Tell 'em, Keith:

(thanks, thanks and more thanks to The Queen and the brilliant pop culture pundits at for clueing me on to this.)

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