Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Right up until they join forces and overthrow me...

I want a Roomba.

I’ve never wanted one before. I’ve heard that they work best on floors and don’t do much to pull up cat fur. I live in a mostly-carpeted house with my two cats, Senor Sheds-a-Lot and Missy La Dumps-Her-Fur.

They’re still pretty expensive, and I’m sure if I held out eventually they’d drop down to nothing. Heck, some day they’ll probably be disposable and you’ll get them from those machines at the door of the grocery store. “Gumball or Roomba… Gumball or Roomba… Hmmm….”

Given that eventually we’ll all be conquered and dominated by the robots I’m not sure it makes sense to bring yet another one into the house. I’m already having to keep a close eye on my TiVO and my digital camera. (No, I’m not worried about my computer. It’s a Mac. We all know they are generous of heart and noble of spirit. When the robots make their move I’m gonna seek sanctuary at Apple headquarters.)

And yet, as of right now, I want a Roomba. Why? I give you Exhibit A:

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Anonymous said...

Over a long weekend one cannot sustain oneself on a video of a cat riding Roomba. Where's a Thanksgiving-ish post? What's the latest with E-man? When will I win the lottery?