Friday, November 10, 2006

Third time is the...

Charm? Last straw? Pain in my ass?

I've got a new match. Woo-hoo. Feel the thrill. As you may have guessed, I'm just not feeling the wove here. First, this is the third match who's pictureless. He's got no picture. Faceless and I'm supposed to face that? Why so? And I have to ask myself: do I have a picture when they see my info? I really don't know anymore. I wish there was a way I could see what my stuff looks like to them. Because if he gets to see my face and I don't get to see his, well that just don't seem kosher, ya know? Anyway, I've got Mr. Invisible number three.

Note: Mr. Invisible is not this guy's official nickname.

Secondly, this fellow is from our city's sister city, which I and most of my neighbors (and by neighbor I mean everyone else in this city) have vowed to judge like a book with a crappy cover! (is this bad? yes it is. but it is the bad that is of my people. we, as a group, have decided to be bad in this way.) By itself his location means very little, but it's number two and I have both a number one and a number three. Speaking of which...

Thirdly (toldja!), I really have a tough time wanting to turn the crank a third time given that the first two cranks (ooh, dirty!) have so far lead to nada, zero, zip, bupkis, etc. I'm getting a tremendous sense of deja vu here. Ya see, in my past pretty much all of my romantic daliances (I think that's french, as well as probably spelled wrong) were a direct result of me doing all the work. I asked folks out, I did the flirting, it was all me. And one of the reasons I stopped worrying about the wove thing was because I got tired of feeling desperate, like I was always chasing things down.

Then looky, looky, here I goes again! I get the email and I turn the crank, and then nothing else happens.

So I'm gonna do it a wee pinch different this time. I dub this new guy "Newstand Dude" for reasons I'll only explain within my wedding reception toast (I'm not getting ahead of myself -- I make this vow for pretty much all the guys) and I'm gonna let him send me some questions. I need to know whether anything happens if I don't take the first step, so the ball's in his court as of now. Riddle me something, Newstand Dude!

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BCK said...

Ok newstand dude, let's go!

Cowboy up time!

Good luck fem!