Friday, November 17, 2006

Society of Secret Bloggers

You know how I'm protecting the innocent within this blog, right? And how I'm doing it via secrecy, such as nicknames and obscurity and such? Well, to be honest with you guys (since we're so close and all,) this whole thing is a big secret in my world, and that's the other reason for the lack of real names. In fact, I'm still a little nervous about the fact that my very own face shows up on this blog because that could still tip off my identity to anyone who might accidentally stumble on my little universe. Yes, I am a secret blogger.

Why do I blog on the sly? I've got reasons three, which I disclose to you now in no particular order, which is to say in this following order which I'm yanking from my bottom.

First, as I've already mentioned I've spent my single years establishing myself as that chick who is the singlest of single and is totally cool with it. And in fact that is, for the most part, true. I'm not anti-wove, and if it came along and found me I'd be like "hey, wove, how's it going? You look good -- are those new pantaloons? Man, you pull that look off. I never could. What's that? You say you'd like to stick around and maybe get to know me oodles more? Well, I do have a cake in the oven, but other than that I'm pretty free. Pepsi?" and then I'd do that arm-sweepy thing to welcome them to my world and we'd talk about tv and comic books and become the very bestest of friends.

But after wooing guys, asking guys out, being rejected by guys, being invisible to guys, and sometimes even being one of the guys I just got tired of having to do all the work. All of it. Every smidge of work done personally by yours truly. Tiring and also crappy, especially given the lack of success that came from that work. At some point I said to myself, "Self, you're tired and also still yet alone -- do you really this?" Answer back: "nope." Add to that the fact that I'm painfully independent and self-sufficient, to the point that my friends have to keep quiet about their life projects for fear that I'll sweep in and take them over, and pursuing wove became officially a silly thing to worry about any more.

So I'm not eager to admit to any of my woved ones (hard to say, by the way) that I'm even considering taking steps to wook for wove (see -- hard.) In short, I have my reputation to consider. So unless I knew that this was going to be worthwhile I decided this would be just between me and you. And you. Also you. And I don't know who told you about it, but welcome anyway...

Secondly, if this blog experiment turns out to be a flop (i.e. I am a craptastic writer and shouldn't ever, ever, ever) I really don't want to comfort anybody but me. This way I can close it, delete it and forget it and not have to explain what happened to anyone else. Now I will say that in the last couple of weeks there have started to be comments from readers, and so far they've been complimentary! I know that these readers are all exceptionally smart, kind and with boundless good taste (and also pretty -- did I mention pretty?) so the fact that there are folks who've encouraged me means I'm gonna keep going for a bit more. (you others have nobody to blame for this but the commenters!)

Finally, I feel like I can write about things with a special honesty when those reading the words don't know me. You guys have no pre-conceived notions, no expectations (so far) and therefore you take each word as I write them. I appreciate that kind of freedom.

I know I can't be the only person out there who is blogging on the Q-T, right? Some of you must keep this as a private endeavor too! So I call to you all -- join me in our society. Become an official member of the Society of Secret Bloggers. Add your link in the comments and we'll share our private madness with eachother. Until my friends find out. (then y'all are on y'own!)

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