Monday, November 06, 2006

Nudge, nudge, say some more...

So the first guy I was "matched" to, whom we have nicknamed McFirsty? Yeah, he's never come back around with those pithy little answers to my 5 carefully selected (read: drawn from a hat) questions. Based on this E-snubbing I figured I had a few options:

-choose to preemptorily hate him -- "Oh yeah? Well screw you, Mr. "I don't really need to find a woman!" You and your lack of details and your empty picture box and your abundant silence -- I don't need you either!" and find the little emoticon-type-deal that signifies my stomping off in an E-huff.


-keep hangin' on, knowing in my soft-and-mushy heart of hearts that he'll come around if I can just be patient and wait, wait, wait -- "I just know that when McFirsty comes back around, bringing with him a lovely bouquet of tenderly-picked answers to my special questions, that we will make that instant connection that only a keyboard, a monitor and the World Wide Web can provide. Oh it will be so very magical..."


-use all the tools that the internet has brought forth to find him, find him, FIND HIM! -- "Yeah, is this ? From In Oregon? Yeah, this is Femtastic. From Nevermind how I found you -- I'm not gonna be IGNORED, McFirsty! Now, where do you keep your stock pots and your rabbit?..."

However it turns out that our tech-wizards at have another option for me. Now that it's been over 7 days since I sent him the questions they say that I could "nudge" him. There's this button by his name which even says "Nudge" and I'm gonna push it and see what happens, right? (ok, ok, I'm going to push it. Stop pressuring me!!)


OK, he's been nudged! And because they love me (at least until they find someone else to do it) my helpful, generous BWFE (Best Website Friends Ever) gave me some really good advice. They put their E-arm around my shoulder, giving it a supportive E-squeeze, and then they told me (by placing it in a banner message across the center of the page) that I should "Please be patient." Then, E-sensing that I wasn't buying it and being concerned that my E-confidence might be shaken by the lack of any E-sponse, they reminded me (by including it in the very same banner) that "each member has different time commitments. A member may still be interested, even though they have not responded to a communication."

Thanks I E-needed that.

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BK said...

I can just see giving him a little cyber tap on the shoulder saying a-hem, excuse me not to bother you, but Ms. Thang over here would like a little attention.

Hope it works! Can't wait to read more!