Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Change is hard. Even good change.

In two weeks I can't complain about my J-O-B anymore. Well, I can, but it won't be my J-O-B. I took the new, most excellent job offer and gave notice and now for the next 2 weeks I'll be that girl who's leaving. I know I can expect all of the following:

  • Spontaneous gushing about how much people will miss me. Not because I'm awesome (though some may actually think I am. A sad, sheltered some who have not experienced true awesomeness.) but because when someone gives notice and you're nice people you tell them often that you will miss them. It is what you do and if you do not then you are not nice people. Simple as that. And I've been working with some very, very nice people! Gush away!
  • Subtle, mostly-joking digs from the co-workers I'm leaving behind about the level of hassle I'm leaving them with. When you leave a job (voluntarily) you are expected to feel guilty about it up to the day you leave. Sometimes this expected guilt will actually bleed into weeks after the job, if you keep in touch with folks. This is a small price to pay for getting a new and excellent job, and I'm prepared to pay it. (And also I really don't do guilt. But I'll pretend. cue basset hound eyes...)
  • Panicky realizations by either boss of something that they need me to be sure and do/fix/document/set fire to/cover in chocolate or mock-hump. (I'm very good at the mock humping.) For just such instances have I been practicing my reassuring nod and hand pat-pat. "There, there, it's gonna be ok." I'll say, and pat-pat and nod, nod, nod. And then hope they'll forget about it for the next 3 or so weeks.
  • Questions about the new job that I won't really know the answer to. Actually I'm already getting those and beginning to realize that I don't know a BUNCH of stuff about the new job. What I do know? Dental! I'll have DENTAL! I will continue to eat me both Jolly Ranchers and also nummy corn on the cob thanks to the new job!

I'm trying to figure out what projects I started that I should finish and what stuff I do that I've never written down and other ways that I can help the transition. But 'tween you and me? The second I dropped the bomb I was already 50% out the door. I keep hearing my own voice saying "not my problem anymore!" in the back of my head. I'm not especially proud of this, and whenever I hear it I'm inspired to do something helpful to compensate. And I also think this is true of just about anyone who decides to leave a job for a new one, and especially a better one.

But still, change is hard. So I'm sure the next two weeks will be a crusher! Just gotta keep the new job (we'll call the new employer SnazzyCo., because many of the things that they do for their employees are very snazzy!) out there as the goal. Here I come, SnazzyCo!

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Rachel said...

Congrats, babe!! Now, could you see about getting Gabe that Education Coordinator job he applied for there? ;-)