Monday, July 23, 2007

I don't hear you calling anymore!

A quick update to report that my family of strays are now with new families. I spent most of Saturday with a sad little box of "Aww, look at the kittens!" and both of the wee cat children found new homes. Just about the time that I had given up hope some lovely, magical, fabulous, perfect and also my favorite person EVER lady dropped out of the sky and said "low, I will give this small and sweet grey kitty mama a home!" And once I'd deposited her to her new home, and also promised to grant any wish this woman might ever make including donation of my first born child (shut up, it could happen!), I breathed my first solid sigh of relief in about a week. I'm so glad those kitties have real, honest-to-goodness homes! And they're not my home!

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