Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen: Mr. Right

This is the man of my dreams. If only I had a ticket to Japan:

Things I love about this dude, based on this display:
1) he's a snappy dresser! Notice that he planned this excursion before September 3rd, so as to not be caught wearing white (or plastic) after Labor Day.
2) he has excellent taste in music. Who don't love them some Earth, Wind and Fire?
3) finally, a guy who likes to go dancing!
4) attention to detail: he smartly moves his booty out of the street when he senses approaching cars.
5) check out the package people! And wisely protected by a plastic candy coating...

BONUS: check out the dude to his left (our right) when he's on the subway car. Seriously? Should you try to act like you DON'T NOTICE the Stormtrooper boogying next to you? Is that the way to go here? Maybe he was just thinking "well there goes my weekend plans -- I can't go out dancing in my Darth Vader costume NOW. It will look stupid!"

Thanks to Kelly from MamaPop, who thanks Missy, for this link and love.

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