Sunday, August 19, 2007

Horns. The man is sporting danged horns.

So not kidding. I checked out who's lookin' at me on and hey, lookit that: a dude wearing H-O-R-N-S. Also, not little pudgy horns like the devil wears when they dress him in an Italian suit and silk tie, no no! Picture Bullwinkle. Then double-it. Now imagine him looking at me on his computer. Also did I mention the kilt? It would be wrong of me not to mention it, as nothing goes with horns like a kilt.

So I had to know who hornyman was! Yeah I clicked on him -- wouldn't you? Well the horns are certainly the gateway to his wacky-osity, but there's plenty of fun to sift through. He's a pagan, he doesn't drink but he DOES take certain "herbs", he named his kid after a color, and not a common color... I won't give any names, of course, so let's just call his kid Peuce. Or possibly Ochre. (and please don't lose sight of the horns! "OK little Persimmon, tell the rest of the class something about your daddy?" "My daddy is horny!")

Final straw: the question posed by the website (by which one is supposed to get a better idea of your eternal you) was "what is on your coffee table?" answer: "D&D figures and many differently-shaped dice." Check please!

And so the hunt continues.

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