Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sisters are doin' it by themselves!

Where the hell have I been, right? I mean dang, it’s been something like a week, right? Yeah, even I’m disgusted with myself. I am a bad, bad blogger.

But see, here’s the deal: last weekend I did all of the least “searching for a guy” things that I could. I drove hours and hours away from my typical hunting grounds; I gathered around me only other women, and most of them married and often mommied; I barricaded myself (we/ourselves) into a fancy house with scented soaps and fancy towels and shelves and shelves of chick flicks and ABBA cds for three days; and we CRAFTED.

Some chums, some gal-pals if you will, and I spent the weekend at this Crafter’s B&B right on a big body of water, and we just did our respective crafty things from Friday afternoon straight through until Sunday afternoon. So NOT a guy time. The estrogen levels in that place would have given boobs to a rock. Also I’m pleased to report that everyone played nice! You know how it is with a group of women – we should be so danged civilized and reasonable, and yet 9 times out of 10 the whole thing ends up with hair pulling and eye gouging. So disappointing.

However this weekend was drama-free! Not that we were all inseparable – I’ll admit that it was kind of funny to watch everyone quietly judge our officially damaged party member while she crafted on and on, oblivious and yet also still so darned da-a-a-a-ama-a-a-a-aged – but we all got along super-good and shared in-jokes… On the fun-o-meter this was a 6-snort weekend!

Plus bonus: I didn’t think about men at all the whole time. Not once did I think about “how can I find a new way to make a connection with someone packing a roll of quarters?” I didn’t stress about checking the dating websites or “should I wink back? Should I nudge? Would coyly waving my fingers from beneath a huge brimmed hat be the way to go?” All this online flirting is exhausting and, frankly, NOT ALWAYS FUN! I’d even go so far as to describe it, of late, as workity-work-work! Sigh.

Anyway, I appreciate you guys giving me a little time off from the daily grind (say it with me now: dirty!) and now that my girly-weekend is finished I’ll get back to the job at hand. I do have a few new ideas, and apparently there’s a whole new pack of round, goofy, hunter-golfers waiting to hear from me, so…

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Tiffany said...

Wait - I'M not the freaky damaged person am I? (You can just nod solemnly if this is the case)