Sunday, August 05, 2007

They matched me up with science. Science!

OK, so apparently is done. I'm kind of amazed that they didn't automatically renew me or send me an email to let me know I was about to be 'let go' or anything. I am also surprised to find that my reaction to being no longer subscribed was kind of a little internal "whew!" I guess I wasn't enjoying that whole thing.

BUT I still have that whole "finding wove" goal to fulfill and so I decided to click the button inviting me to check out's more involved version, where you answer complex questions and they find you complex matches. Because here's the deal: "come and find your matches for FREE, FREE, FREE! and you only have to give us money if we find someone you want to connect with!" It's very tempting, although it does sound like eventually I'll be sitting there paying ransom for them to let my lovah free. But I'll burn that bridge once we get there. For now I had yet ANOTHER series of questions to answer.

This one had some very odd additions, beyond the standard stuff ("does your match smoke? Drink? eat babies? How many babies? raw or bar-b-qued babies?...") which kind of fascinated me. Like there were these little designs where you were supposed to click buttons to make one part of the picture match the size of another, and it was timed. Also there was one where you had to pick the diagram that most closely matched your finger sizes. (is your ring finger longer then your index finger? Shorter? Missing?) And one where you had these four photographs of people smiling, and you were supposed to indicate which of the smiles you trusted and which you didn't. (I didn't trust the one with the pointy canine teeth, because hello? Vampire? Duh!)

So by the time I was all finished I realized that these questions made the whole thing seem downright scientific! Like you'd have to believe that any match they bring you would be Mr. Wight because they reached the conclusion via science. Science! Of course this must be the dude for me -- his finger question probably matched mine! We're probably finger-compatible! Or maybe they put us together because we can resize random shapes very quickly, both of us. Which would be important as we raise our kids, as you can't bring up children with someone who is slow to resize a hexagon, for god's sake. That would be madness! At the very least I can rest assured that any mate I settle down with will distrust vampires just like I do.

So I'll give this new, science-based channel a little time and see what they come up with. I'm either all excited OR I'm sitting on an electroscope.

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