Thursday, August 23, 2007

Where I get a question with no good answers...

OK, so this guy really likes to ask questions. Questions, questions, questions. "Who was the first host of SNL?" (George Carlin) "Who was the only President to have ever been divorced?" (Ronald Reagan) "Hey, why don't we meet face to face?"

Ummm, what?

4 days? 6 messages? And we're meeting? Woah! That seems awfully fast to me, especially from a guy who doesn't even show up on film! Meet already? Yeah, I'm not crazy about that idea. Because 5 days ago I didn't even know this guy existed! And all I know now is that he also seems to be an enthusiast of trivia (or is skilled at finding interesting trivia questions on Google, which is a different kind of quality but a quality too I guess) and likes to move fast!

Also did I mention that I'm a little bit nervous by the sheer level of contact so far? Do the math -- 4 days, but 6 messages. That means that at least once there was more then one message in a given day. And in fact there were actually 3 messages on this one day! Three messages? I was gearing up to send a reply along the lines of "dude, you really need to pace yourself" when the third one dropped "hey, let's meet" on my head.

Now I have to admit that I don't even have any time at all to meet him even if I was yippy-skippy about the idea. Like no time at all for the next 3-4 days, so at least I have an easy and honest excuse to give him. Which gives me some time to figure out what else to tell him, but really? I'm not excited about going to "let's meet" already.

Right now I'm still totally, totally safe. This guy could be completely sanity-free (now with less impulse control, but still all the same great taste!) and it wouldn't really be any kind of problem for me. But it's like watching a scary movie -- once I shatter that fourth wall my illusion of safety is bye, bye!

Sigh. I wish this were more fun. Felt less like work, or obligation. It seems like a bad sign when replying to suitor's emails reminds me of homework. And right now this is one of those terrible word problems -- "Steve meets a girl online and sends her 6 messages in 4 days. He then asks to travel 7 miles to meet her at 8pm. How many episodes of Primetime Crime have started this way?" -- and I don't have any answer just yet.

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