Thursday, February 19, 2009

looky, I gots a Wordle!

Thanks to The Bloggess and her general abundance of knowledgy things, I have discovered the wonder that is Wordle. Behold, you scan down and see the wordle that is Unlikely In Love!

It's a funny thing -- you throw in a URL, chocked full of things that you created, and it brings you a graphic. And then you have to try like hell to not read all into it! the obvious choices are the big words: Love, match, people... But I love that "y'all", "cheese", "stinky" and "olde" show up.

For instance, "olde" means I'm fancy -- see the unneccessary "e" at the end? I mean ende? And the "y'all" proves that I'm one of the people, just like George Bush and Brittany Spears and other regular folke. (I mean "folke".)

I think that I should use this as a way to set some blogging GOALS. If any of you feel like helping me with setting a goal, I'd love your help in picking three new words that will display prominently in my next wordle. Word me, people! Go crazy with it! Literally think outside this box!

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