Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another example of “the crazy, I am full with it!”. By Femtastic.

The newest E-Melody match (remember that we are calling him Señor Spiffypants in the same way some people climb big mountains: because he’s there) hasn’t closed the match. Not at all. Which means, of course, that he’s not a good match. And in what way is he not a good match? Well he’s just not attractive. And I wish I were evolved and Zen enough to be all “who cares if he’s not much to look at, for I’m sure he’s an amazing person INSIDE!” but I’m not. I’m all kinds of human and flawed and wanting of everything, and when I saw his pictures my “ooh, he didn’t close the match!” became “oh. Right. Got it. Sigh.”

So THEN, later on I got a thing from Lighter.com (less of a “find your soulmate!” site and more of a “find someone super-cute” site) reminding me that they still love me, even though I don’t give them money anymore, and that I can look at their stud corral for free if I want to. So I wandered through, and there on the first page was this SUPER-hot guy! Smokin’, people! Yummy!! with a capital “YUM!” And so did I wink at him? I did not. And WHY did I not wink at him? Obviously because he’s way too hot and would look at my picture and go “oh. Right. Got it.” and cleeekity-cleeek the “no thanks” button.

So to recap, I’m looking for someone much cuter then I think I can actually get. So I’m going to reject those not cute enough, while simultaneously fleeing from those as cute as I’d like. I think this is a super-rabid strain of crazy, which should come with mouth-foaming and in-tongues speaking.

I also know that I have just left Mr. Carl hanging about the cocoa date. Which is bad, and kind of mean (except for the fact that I’ve taken so long to respond to ALL his emails so at least this is par for the course so far, but whatever…) and I’m totally going to email him today. I swear. Or tomorrow at the latest. By Friday for sure. And when I email him I’m gonna say… something committal about a cocoa date. Promise.

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