Friday, February 06, 2009

This is only a test...

E-Melody has sent me a message that I have a new match (we’ll call him Senor Spiffypants. Why? Because I get to. Start your own blog and you can call someone that too.) waiting for me at home. I have to wait until I go home because apparently some beaurocratic puppet-master, tool of The Man and controller of all things fun and not fun, decided that it wasn’t COOL for someone to be spending their work day surfing the web looking for love and they BLOCKED E-Melody at my work! UNBELIEVABLE!

Anyway, I got the “Haaaaave you met Senor Spiffypants?” email (with apologies to Barney*) today around 1:30pm. Now, let’s see how long between when they send the email saying I’ve got some awesome new match to go look at and when the good Senor (and his spiffy, SPIFFY pants!) close the match because my eyes are too close together or I don’t enjoy enough Opera or I look like I might, just MIGHT, worship Satan. Any guesses?

(sorry about the pessimism. I was mugged by a jar of peanut butter this morning before work and it’s got me all jacked out of shape.)


*I have no idea why there are french subtitles on this clip. Were it my clip there would not be. But were it my clip there would be no clip because I have no idea how to make these clips. So thank god for the french bastards out there (or bastards who have french friends for whom they enjoy to subtitle video clips) who CAN clip things up.

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