Thursday, May 17, 2007

And now, the exciting conclusion...

(I don't know why I set myself up like that. Such pressure! What if this conclusion isn't so exciting? Or it may be kind of exciting, but it's not really a conclusion... Yeah, I really should have called this something like "just in case you were wondering..." or "oh, and by the way this is the uneventful ending of the thing from before.")

So when last we saw our hero (that's me) she was all irritated with, sending them an angry email demanding to know where they got off charging her for another 3 months when she was pretty sure(ish) that she'd done something that had made it cancel or something. How Dare!!! This after her total ambivilence about whether or not to sign up for 3 more months, or to instead take up snow kyaking or space table tennis. (in space no one can hear you foul.)

Femtastic: I can't afford another 3 months. I need that money for other things! Also I'm angry that what I thought was happening was either not happening or I was confused. Both things that make me angry! And besides, hasn't this all been kind of a waste of time? Yes, I'm absolutely sure that I'm going to fight this until they give me back my money and cancel this additional 3 months!

[stomps off in a huff. At least until she gets 2 steps from her computer, where there is this big bin of mail and things to file, and she has to climb over that and then there's the laundry basket and other things... don't trip... don't fall...]

Femtastic: I can't believe they haven't replied to my email yet. Absurd! Where is their pride in giving good customer service? Oh, I am so gonna yell at them in the next email. And I'm writing that next, scathing email right now!

[sees that new episode of Heroes is starting.]

Femtastic: OK, not right now, but really soon. Probably before I go to bed. So Scathing will it be!

Femtastic: Oh boy, now it's been even longer and they haven't replied, and I'm gonna write them and yell and Oh! Looky! I got paid! Well, that's good. That's gonna let me do a couple of things I couldn't do for fear of that $60 coming out of the bank account. So glad that I was paid, and hey I should go now and buy that new CD by (insert name of musician who makes CDs). Also I want bagels and $30 of clearance anything from Target. So I will have to write the scathing (SO SCATHING!) email later toni- tomorrow. I'll write it tomorrow because after all my shopping tonight I'll be sleepy. But tomorrow, it is SO ON!

[Femtastic goes to the beach with her family for a super-cool Mother's day weekend and also Granny appreciation gathering and has a really good time and just doesn't even care about the $60 or the scathing email, because look how pretty the sunset and how sparkly the shiny beach stones!]

{Time Passes...}

Femtastic: So wait, who was I scathed at again? I know I was scathed at somebody... Starts with a V? Or an E? Maybe starts with a C... Sigh. The fire, she is gone. I am too tired, and it's been too long. And I got paid, so I guess I'll do another 3 months of after all.

...and so we find ourselves as members of once again. And since I did pay for it I went ahead and took a renewed look around, with new, renewedy eyes.

But that's something for the next post.

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