Thursday, May 03, 2007

With apologies to the Clash.

Guess what? My membership with expires very soon. Extremely soon. OK, TOMORROW soon. I happened to wonder exactly when I signed up (because it seemed like it had been a little while) and so I peeked over there and noticed that under "End Date" it says 5/4/07. Which is another way of saying tomorrow. A really specific, direct, clear way of saying "you're going to have to decide about doing this again tomorrow, dufus." (the 'dufus' is silent)

I'll be honest -- I wasn't really ready to make this danged decision again. Heck, it feels like I was trying to figure out what to do about only a few months ago! (ha.) Now I'm back here again wondering if it makes any sense to spend $60 for another 3 months of contacting nobody and having nobody contact me. (Who says I don't have a positive outlook? Bah!) Then again, here's the curveball for this time around: this particular website advertises that if someone is a member for 6 months and does not find wove (and really, what would be the odds of that, right? Crazy talk!) they'll get an additional 6 months for free.

As itchy as I get at the idea of throwing another $60 down this rabbit hole, I can't help but wonder if that might not make it worth it. After all, I do like rabbits. And I think I'd like the idea of getting another 6 months that are pressure-free. Just having this sitting in the background, waiting for that magical email saying "hey, I'm a young, handsome, brilliant and witty millionaire who has spent the last 10 years studying abroad and now wishes to find love. Oh, and I love to cook, love the Muppets and just happen to have a disease which makes chunky women look absolutely irresistable to me. What's your sign?" [Open For Business]

So I know I'm not giving you guys much time to chime in, but I need your help. What should I do here? Opinions? I've sent an email to the people running to make sure that I'm understanding their pitch correctly -- I'd hate to commit to another 3 months (and a wad of cash which could be buying me monthly chocolate, which you can always count on) only to be told "oh gosh and golly no, that offer only applies if you pay for a 6-month membership, not 2 3-month memberships. That's not how the math works. You're screwed. Thanks for calling and have a nice day."

But assuming that the offer does apply, should I stay or should I go now? After all, if I go there may be trouble. Then again, if I stay there could be double! So, my darling friends and fellow readers, let me know. Should I stay or should I go?

I heard back from and they tell me this:

"Oh gosh and golly no, when you signed up 3 months ago we weren't making that offer so you do NOT get 6 months for free if you don't find wove after the next 3 months. Even though we truly do believe that if you do this for 6 months and don't find wove you should get 6 free months. We're confusing like that... And have a nice day."


Courtney said...

You should stay, but only if you do in fact get 6 free months if you don't find love in the next three.

bridget said...

I say stay, sign up for 6 months now and then make them pay up if need be.